Creating Elegant Spaces, Bulgari Apartments

Schmalenbach's shelving system and bespoke Siematic kitchen at Bulgari apartments Dubai. Project by Al Gurg Living.

Step into a world of unparalleled luxury as Schmalenbach’s visionary S28 Shelving System converges with Siematic’s refined elegance. Unveil a realm where personalization intertwines with innovation, featuring exclusive mesh fronts, the timeless allure of Dark Eucalyptus Veneer, and the contemporary edge of Dark Anodized Bronze Aluminum Metal. With Birke eco leather adorning exquisite leather inlays, sustainability meets opulence, while glass shelves resonate with the metal’s modern aesthetic. Immerse yourself in innovation through electronic sliding coplanar doors, revealing hidden treasures like the ONYX WHITE stone-accentuated bar, elegantly complemented by Bronze mirror details and inviting LED strip lights. Siematic’s integration introduces a regal touch with Miele Appliances in a luminous gold bronze aluminum finish, pop-up extractors, and captivating gold bronze glass cabinets. This collaborative masterpiece flawlessly intertwines convenience and allure with under-cabinet strip lights, a generous 91cm Miele fridge/freezer, and boldly protruding sink area base units. Elevate your space with the synergy of Schmalenbach and Siematic today, where luxury meets functionality in perfect harmony.


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