Minimalist Style at the 118 Down­town Dubai Penthouses

Minimalist style Kitchen design by SieMatic UAE at 118 Downtown Dubai Penthouses

The 118 contemporary penthouse has the minimal, clean and uncluttered kitchen design – whilst still remaining functional. This modern kitchen has a color scheme of truffle grey in glossy lacquer wall units and to add a bit of warmth into this space, ebony walnut was chosen for the base cabinets. Kitchens are the heart of the home and naturally a place of gathering. It is where families come together to prepare and cook food, it is where we eat or just simply hang out.

The island adds not just versatility but also extra counter space and storage to the space. For the Classical Penthouse, we have incorporated a neutral palette in sterling grey and walnut veneers. A clear contrast is provided by the island in sterling grey, matching the walnut wall cabinets.


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