Schmalenbach is renowned for creating handcrafted quality products. Crafted and curated cabinetry forms part of our luxury portfolio that has become a favourite among designers and architects alike. Here’s a look at Schmalenbach’s Bestselling Gadgets in 2021.

For most of the global workforce, working from home will be the new normal for years to come.

With remote work opportunities readily available, gone are the conventional cubicles or formal office environments. There is a growing trend to fit out rooms and spaces at home for better work efficiency and productivity. Proper planning, effective design and the right elements can ensure wellbeing along with productivity in your home office.

Wardrobes are an investment for a lifetime, and that makes them a complex piece of furniture. In today’s fast-paced culture, you don’t want to spend precious time going through a wardrobe that is a labyrinth of clothing and lacks organization.

At Schmalenbach, our expert designers work to design a perfect bespoke walk-in closet tailor-made for your needs. Our premium quality materials and innovative design compliment the rest of your home, making the space look aesthetically pleasing and seamless.