From entertaining guests, to family meal times, the kitchen fulfills a number of purposes. It is of essence to incorporate practical, stylish designs that stand the test of time into this multi-functional space.

Complete kitchen design solutions, drawers, cabinets, surfaces, countertops and shelves

Cooking range and oven systems, rotisseries, hoods, cabinetry and kitchen island solutions

Founded in 1908 and inspired by the Paris metro, Albert Dupuy realised there was a more efficient way to heat an oven, resulting in the original vaulted oven from La Cornue. Over the years, this oven was further developed to incorporate gas and then later electricity. In 1964, the focus shifted to include beauty and excellence with the Château range that set the benchmark for future La Cornue products.

Château ranges have built the legend that is La Cornue. A Château La Cornue range is a timeless and historic object, a unique and prestigious creation. Every Château range is an original, individually numbered by the craftsman who created it. It is custom-made from a huge range of colours and wide choice of trims: chrome, nickel, stainless steel, brass or copper, brilliant or brushed depending on the metal.
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CornuFé ranges are carefully crafted in small series.
These models achieve the challenge of offering first rate cooking performance with a fabulous look. CornuFé 110, 90 and also Albertine ranges are
available in a wide range of original colours and
trims and are exceptional value for money.
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To convey the values of abundance and generosity, the Maison La Cornue extends its expertise and avoir-faire to offer you a complete kitchen design where the heart is the hearth: Culinary Architecture. Cabinetry, cooking, preparation spaces, and storage, each of our projects is tailor-made to exceed your expectations and create a warm, harmonious, and welcoming space that embodies your vision of the kitchen. Read more.


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